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  • Andreea Ma

goldRush Rally 2022: One More Run Against the Sun

The Schaefer Trans team is proud to be the logistic provider for one of the most luxurious rallies in the United States: the goldRush Rally! Every year, the goldRush Rally Family produces one of the most sought after experiences in the rally world. This year, the adventure continues with "one more run against the sun." Departing from the fabulous Sin City, the rally conquered the roads from Vegas to Denver through the Pacific Southwest. The race continued from Nashville and finished at Miami:

During the sojourn at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton at Denver, CO, Schaefer Trans was tasked with connecting the dots from Denver to Nashville in record time for multiple racing teams arriving at different times and with different vehicles since the starting city. This presented a challenging puzzle. The Schaefer team is always up for a challenge! We dispatched our team to coordinate transport onsite:

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