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  • Andreea Ma

Lamborghini Sian

At the cross-road of engineering, technology and art is the Lamborghini Sian FICP37. Schaefer delivered the very first Sians to hit the public roads in North America.

Sian means “lightning” in Italian. The car is Lamborghini’s first hybrid, that combines a small electric motor with its powerful V12. The Sian is a rare gem, as only 19 roadsters and 63 coupes were ever manufactured. Why? Maybe because Lamborghini was founded in 1963.

Rare, high valued vehicles like #Lamborghini require precise design, engineering and execution and meticulous logistics solutions.

Schaefer Trans successfully imported 11 Sians into the USA. Our team expertly handled the pickup at the airline, trucking and storage. From our outstanding security measures features using GPS tracking devices to white glove service delivery to the dealerships, Schaefer ensured these gems are successfully delivered to their destination. The pictures show our team in action, uncrating with utmost care and delivering in style.

Planning, organizing and coordinating the delivery was an act of international collaboration, team work and operational finesse.

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