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  • Andreea Ma

Ligier JSP320

Ligier is a French automobile manufacturer. Created by the former racing driver and rugby player Guy Ligier, the company is best known for its involvement in the Formula 1 World Championship between 1976 and 1996.

Since 2016, Ligier North America established their office in Denver, North Carolina.

Race car enthusiasts understand Ligier's Formula 1 lineage, and the company's mission is to offer its fans a car with a sporty look, powerful and dynamic lines.

The Ligier JSP320 takes racing to the next level. A worthy heir to the JS P3, it was first unveiled during the 2019 Le Mans.

Schaefer Trans is proud to transport a Ligier JSP320 from its birthplace in Magny Cours, France, to Ligier North America at Denver, North Carolina. Schaefer Trans' world class expertise in handling high end and one-of-a-kind vehicles consistently delivers and provide around-the-clock attention, just like the 24-hours Le Mans.

Merci Beaucoup!

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