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Preview to "Bond in Motion" exhibit at Petersen Museum: 60th Anniversary of James Bond movies

It all started in 1962 during the Baby Boomer generation when Dr. No, a spy film directed by Terrence Young launched the James Bond saga. 25 years later, in the blink of a "Golden Eye," fans of the most famous secret agent will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the series.

The Ian Fleming Foundation in partnership with EON Production produced the first exhibition to showcase the vehicles we have fantasized about as we live dangerously in the footstep of 007. That day is fast approaching. September 25th, 2021 is the official date when Peterson Automotive Museum will launch "Bond in Motion."

This is the largest official gathering of vehicles from the Bond series of movies. Schaefer Trans in partnership with DHL transported the cars that helped James chase down his terrorist targets and escape the secret lairs of criminal masterminds at the knick of time.

No respectable vehicle exhibit for 007 can be brought to life without the infamous 2019 Aston Martin DBS featured in "Spectre". The transport is secured by no other than by Schaefer Trans' covert operational transport specialists who are always behind the scenes:

The sleek DB10 pictured below courtesy of Petersen's Museum:

Remember the amphibious car that allow Bond to be submerged underwater in "The Spy Who Loved Me"? That was the 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine:

As a sneak peek, nothing compares to the venerable and iconic Aston Martin DB5:

Working around a tight schedule and special handling of the priceless collection in enclosed carriers with air suspensions were tough challenges that the Schaefer Trans team tackled with finesse. Like 007, that's what it takes to save the world.

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