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Tesla Model S Plaid "Too Fast for its Own Good" on Wings to Romania

We've seen Tesla Model S Plaid testing to become a submarine, racing Ferrari SF90s or 1000 HP McLaren 720S, and as the protagonist for “Who Killed the Gas Vehicles” 2025 TV show. Tesla Motors has transformed the EV landscape first in the US, and now in Eastern Europe.

Schaefer Trans, acting as an issuing agent for Qatar Airways, delivered a Tesla Model S Plaid from Los Angeles to Bucharest. The car will be on display at Tiriac Group, a dealership network that holds the largest portfolio of high-end vehicles in the Romanian automotive market. Tesla officially entered the Romanian market earlier this year as a pop-up store in one of the largest malls in Bucharest.

The Model S Plaid vehicle was booked for LAX to STR and was traveling under “urgent cargo” handling requirements. The logistics were orchestrated by our team of professionals: pick-up, enclosed carrier trucking, airline delivery, as well as export clearance, title validation with CBP and export documentation. The workflow was smooth, and we succeeded to depart within three days. The vehicle traveled as booked and arrived by the end of the fourth day in STR, where our overseas partner handled the last segment for the transportation from STR to door under a T1 visa.

The car will be on display at the Tiriac Group, a dealership network that holds the largest portfolio of high end vehicles in their national automotive market:

If you are traveling to OTP, go see the Tiriac Collection! It exhibits 1972 and older Rolls Royce Phantoms, historical vehicles and show cars, motorcycles and displays. Some of the remarkable vehicles were previously owned by Sir Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and Bernie Ecclestone. Tiriac, one of the richest professional tennis players in the world is also known as “Count Dracula,” or the first billionaire (Forbes List of billionaires, #840 in the world)

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