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  • Andreea Ma

Wine Festival & Car Show @ Rolling Hills Estates

For the Labor Day weekend, Schaefer Trans was delighted to participate and sponsor the Wine Festival and Car Show event at the Driving Range in Rolling Hills:

For most of the Angelinos, wine paired with paint, or wine paired with designer fashion and accessories are well known event ideas. Yet, the novelty of “wine and cars” entertainment was a great automotive escape for a lazy Saturday. The event was beautifully organized, and it hosted more than six hundred car enthusiasts. The participants were in for an elegant car show displaying some of the most spectacular vehicles. The audience was tasked with voting for the best Vintage and best Supercar award, while enjoying wine tasting from well known domestic and international wineries:

And as if excitement was not already guaranteed for the event, the show delivered by an air show roaring throughout the blue skies was a thrilling experience:

Lastly, let’s not forget the décor, live music, and catering that infused the party with memorable experiences. A special applaud should go to the special guest:

Here are the winners to the Best Vintage and Best Supercar categories:

Our love for cars runs deep and our automotive team of international specialists works passionately behind the stage. Can't wait for next year's event!

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